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Functional Medicine

Meet Marissa
Marissa Bruin MSN, APRN, FNP-C, Functional Medicine Nurse Practitioner
Marissa is a Family Nurse Practitioner with her Master’s Degree of Science in Nursing from the
University of Michigan. A person-centered, integrative approach has always been at the heart of her
care. In her pursuit to provide the most comprehensive, individualized care, Marissa has completed
training and certification in functional medicine through the Integrative Nurse Coach Academy
partnered with the Institute for Functional Medicine. Prior to obtaining her Master’s Degree, Marissa
worked as a registered nurse for 13 years. The majority of her nursing career was spent working in a
level-one trauma center in Detroit where she received certification in Advanced Cardiovascular Life
Support, Basic Life Support, and Trauma Nurse Core Course. In addition, Marissa was able to expand her
horizons as a registered nurse and live out her adventurous spirit by doing travel nursing. Through her
variety of experiences, Marissa has been able to advocate and care for the person across the lifespan in
many different situations and medical conditions. One aspect she has found to be true throughout is
that people just want to be heard and understood. A large component of Marissa’s passion for
advocating for her patients and digging deep to find the answers stems from her own journey with an
autoimmune condition.
This is where functional medicine comes in.
Functional medicine is a personalized, distinctive approach to healthcare that integrates both
conventional and alternative medicine to determine the root cause of the patient’s problem. It has been
said that functional medicine is medicine by cause, not by symptom. Functional medicine focuses on
promoting health and optimizing wellness by getting to the root of the matter unique to that individual.
This empowers people to fully understand the state of their health, equip them with knowledge, and
provide them with hope. Marissa looks forward to hearing your story and helping you along the path to
optimal wellness.
Functional Medicine appointments will be VIRTUAL.

All appointments require a booking deposit which will be used towards your balance at the end of your appointment.

We do require ongoing relationship with PCP.

Lab orders will be completed through Vibrant Wellness HERE.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

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