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Concierge Ear Piercing

Book your piercings now in the comfort of your own home!

Mandy Dickerson RN, MSN, owner and founder of RN concierge, is certified with Blomdahl USA to provide safe, hygenic and comprehensive ear piercings. We pierce with only the best medical grade equipment.
We offer several different piercings and can offer services to patients as young as 2 m
onths old. 
As with any medical procedure there are risk involved.
You will receive a Nurse Practitioner providing your piercing, aftercare instructions, Blomdahl Ear Piercing Studs and aftercare wipes.
Also you may use the code 'Dickerson10' for purchase of additional studs!
Blomdahl is nickelfree and hypoallergenic! 

Pricing is as follows (mobile service only)
1 Piercing $150.00 Each
Piercing Party!
Invite friends and SAVE!!
5 Piercings $115.00 Each
Medical Grade Piercings are a fun and safe alternative for you AND your littles!

Let’s Work Together

Premier Salon Suites

48697 Hayes Rd, Suite 130

Shelby Township, Mi 48315

Tel: 810-305-0148

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