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Five Reasons You Need a Consistent Nighttime Skincare Routine

Maintaining a consistent routine for various aspects of our lives, such as diet, sleep, and making time for fun activities, is essential. However, there’s another piece to this puzzle that sometimes goes overlooked – the importance of a consistent nighttime skincare routine. Just like maintaining a balanced diet and getting quality sleep, taking care of your skin is a lifelong commitment, and the key to attaining healthy skin is consistency. So, why not extend our commitment to well-being to our nighttime skincare regimen too?

Five Benefits of a Nighttime Routine

How best can we nurture our skin barrier (the outermost layer of our skin which we see and touch every day) while we rest? There are plenty of reasons! But our five most important are…

  1. Wash the day away.  We come in contact with a lot of environmental impurities throughout the day, so it’s best to find a gentle yet effective cleanser that will cut through the grime – and makeup!

  2.  Unwanted dark spots are gone! Finding a product that targets uneven skin tone is ideal for your evening routine. As our cells turn over while we sleep, it’s smart to use a barrier-friendly product that brightens and corrects. 

  3. Focus on your eyes. Our eye area is usually the first part of our face to show signs of aging, so why not focus on this area with an eye cream that helps to diminish the visible appearance of fine lines and wrinkles? 

  4. Lock in all your hard work! An ultra-rich moisturizer can hydrate and renew your skin barrier after you’ve cleansed and prepped it. 

  5. And don’t forget to let your skin work while you catch some Z’s.  Let your skin rejuvenate from the day’s pollutants and irritants for a more glowing, radiant face when you awake!

Nighttime Routine Inspiration 

Start with Gentle Foaming Cleanser to effectively remove dirt, oil, and other surface impurities including makeup without leaving the skin feeling tight, dry, or stripped of its natural protective oils. Set at optimal pH, it’s an ideal daily cleanser for most skin types.

Now, let your skin soak in our botanically based MelanoLyte Skin Brightening System. Our clinically proven MelanoLyte Tx and MelanoLyte Serum duo work together to help reduce the appearance of unwanted spots on face and body without irritation, perfect for absorbing into your skin during a long night’s sleep.

Next, diminish fine lines and wrinkles and boost under-eye hydration with our Renewal Eye Cream. It’s specifically formulated for this delicate skin – you’ll wake up to less puffiness and more radiance!

Last but not least, lock in the moisture on with our Intensive Nourishing Cream for face and neck. Named “Best Rich Moisturizer for Dry Skin” in Women’s Health Magazine Best of Skincare Awards 2020 and recognized as “Best for Dry Skin” by Prevention Magazine in the 2022 Healthy Skin Awards, it contains maximum levels of key complexes to help reduce the visible appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and improve overall glow. With ultra-rich consistency, it provides superior hydration and is ideal for wearing overnight. 

Ready to learn more? Talk to your Epionce Pro to create a nighttime regimen that is the right match for your unique skin needs. 


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